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Chair of the Research Network - Walter Wittich, Ph.D., F.A.A.O., C.L.V.T.



The field of deafblind-related research is relatively young.  Researchers in this domain are few and we are often spread across the globe across large distances.  Deafblind International is providing the infrastructure in order to facilitate information exchange among all stakeholders with an interest in deablindness research.  The purpose of the Research Network is three-fold:

  • First, it creates an opportunity for researchers to build networks across countries and continents, thereby facilitating collaboration and exchange of ideas.

  • Second, within Deafblind International, it will be possible to facilitate Knowledge Exchange from researchers to individuals with deafblindness, clinicians, service providers, administrators, policy makers and other stakeholders.

  • Third, all stakeholders will have a direct line to researchers in order to inspire and initiate research that is relevant for them, and that can make a difference in the lives of persons with combined vision and hearing loss.

Please contact Dr. Wittich to obtain membership application information.

Networking Opportunities

Below are the links under the Research Network site:

E-mail iconIf you would like to join the DbI Research Network e-mail list, please send an e-mail to us with the phrase ‘Please add me to DBI Research Network” in the title.  You will then receive an update by email twice a year with current developments and news.

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To discover related professionals in the field of deafblindness that share an interest in research, please join our LinkedIn Group, entitled “Deafblind International Research Network.”

Facebook logoIf you prefer to communicate about research ideas and possible collaborations in a more informal way, please join our Facebook Group, entitled “Deafblind International Research Network."


Research Gate logoIf you are a researcher or want to access research directly, we encourage you to join ResearchGate and indicate that you have an interest in deafblindness.  Search "deafblindness” as a topic, which will lead you to ongoing discussions.


Google ScholarFor researchers and knowledge users who would like to highlight their work and provide an overview of their publication record on deafblindness, we invite you to sign up for Google Scholar and create your own profile.  Please include “deafblind” and “deafblindness” as part of your ‘area of interest’ and you will automatically be linked to a global list of individuals who have chosen the same terms.

  • If you would like to participate in collaborative activities, please have a look at the possibilities on this page.  Each opportunity has a contact person assigned that is looking forward to hearing from you. In case you would like to initiate such a collaboration offer, please send a 200-word summary to us for it to be included in this web page.